Minggu, 01 Juni 2014

I Am a Gamer

Well, this time I will share about my experience being a gamer for many years. Playing games is my hobby since I was a child until now. Especially I very keen on computer video games. When I was a child, in Kindergarten and Elementary School, I already love gaming. Started from an old computer in my grandma house (in that time use Windows 98 OS), I played many flash games and also casual games. Such as Penguin Shooter, Tarzan Action Game, Sonic The Hedgehog, Cat vs Dog, etc. It's only need low spec PC to run that games. Although a gamer , I also like to play outside with my neighbours when I was a child. But nonetheless I prefer playing video games than playing outside, hahaha.. :D

There is an elementary school beside my kindergarten, I remember that my kindergarten teacher had invited us to the elementary school's computer lab. In it's computer, there is a game that we must feed the animals in the zoo (I forget the game title). The correct food should be given to the specific animal. I still remember that in that game there are three animals in the three cages, and we as a zookeeper carrying a basket / trolley that contain various kind of food for that animals. That game is exciting enough for me in that time.

Almost everyday I played PC games, until one day my uncle bought me a Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP :) . In that time he bought it with 3 game pak: Tarzan, Garfield, and Toy Story Skateboard. I also like play this game console. Over time, I bought another game pak at a game store, it's expensive enough if buy one game pak that contain only one game. So, I decided to buy two game pak that contain many games, there are several new period games, but it also have so many old period games.

Some time ago, I like playing playstation too, but now I get bored to play that. My cousin sent me her PlayStation 2 because she moved to other country to study at the one of the colleges there. In that time I'm very happy because my dream to have a PlayStation is come true. Many days I enjoy played that playstaion with my sister, played many games.

This is me when I play Desert Storm in tutorial session, as I am just a newbie on this game. I tried to know about how to control my combat team (the team control is more complicated than Freedom Fighters)

My favorite game genre is action (especially 3rd person shooter), adventure (especially in 3D graphics), casual, endless running, and match 3.

When in Senior High School, if there is an ITC lesson (Information Technology and Communication, or in Bahasa Indonesia called TIK: Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi), sometimes I brought flashdisk to play games in free time at the computer laboratorium. When several of my friends see me playing, they borrowed my flashdisk to install & play games on their computer. I am happy to share my games to them. :)

See you again in other post..

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